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What is Amplify?

The project Amplify aims to make underrepresented voices in the cultural sector heard at the Conference on the Future of Europe. With the help of local cultural organisations from 12 different European countries, Culture Action Europe will present on the Conference Platform a series of recommendations to both EU decision-makers and the general public. In more detail, the project members provide local working sessions for participants to collect, together with the participants, the recommendations to be presented, highlighting the ideas, proposals and concerns that currently exist in the cultural field and its position in the future of Europe. A (online) Hackathon will be held at the end of the Conference as an additional opportunity to respond to and publicly promote these ideas.

The Conference on the Future of Europe

The European institutions want to offer for the first time an open, inclusive, and democratic forum space for pan-European, citizen-led debates. The issues to be addressed are manifold and comprise, besides the lessons to be learned from the pandemic, Europe’s economic and social system, culture, education, protection of the environment, and the EU core values. The eventual objective is to receive a wide range of proposals from across Europe to shape the continent’s future collectively and inclusionary.

Amplify Spain: the working sessions for the elaboration of recommendations

Interarts, together with REACC (Network of Community Culture Spaces and Agents), organized two working sessions on 4 and 5 October 2021 with members of REACC as well as other cultural initiatives, educational and heritage mediators, researchers/sociologists and artists. From the experience and praxis of the participating cultural agents and entities, a series of recommendations that would need special attention from the European Union have been elaborated. The summary of the recommendations is available on the multilingual CoFoE platform.

The working methodological approach was rooted in a Community-Based Participatory Action Research (CBPAR) framework which enabled local participants to identify problems and ideas for community action and support. This participative exercise is tackling one of the major challenges that Europe has been facing since its creation: the difficulty to reach out the peripheral communities and territories to raise the voices of the underrepresented communities. The working sessions counted with the participation of around 30 cultural agents. Interarts facilitated and coordinated the organization of the working sessions together with REACC without interfering in the content (topics addressed) of the document nor in the recommendations.

The recommendations of the 12 hubs are avaiable here

Source: Interarts

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