Training program for intercultural dialogue: apply now to the open call!

The DRIS project launches an open call for intercultural dialogue trainings that will run until: May 7th (Rome); May 14th (Berlin) and May 21st (Barcelona).

The DRIS project fosters intercultural dialogue between migrant and local communities through artistic and cultural co-creation, by facilitating intercultural spaces where to generate new narratives and bonds. It also advocates for inclusive social transformation in alignment with the principles of justice, equity, gender equality, well-being and quality of life promoted by the 2030 Agenda. DRIS is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme and is implemented by Interarts (Spain, lead partner), ECCOM (Italy) and ITZ (Germany). 


DRIS puts the spotlight on three European cities, BarcelonaRome and Berlin, where it will deploy a training programme to tackle issues related to cultural diversity and democracy; stereotypes and new forms of discrimination;  intercultural communication, mediation, new narratives and safe spaces.

The present open call is aimed at identifying 30 participants for each of the trainings foreseen in the three cities. We are seeking professionals from the cultural sector (public, regional and local cultural institutions) and the education and social sectors (including migrant associations) as well as artists, mediators and researchers. Each training programme will last 30 hours and will be organized in three blocks: lectures and conferences (12 hours), field visits (6 hours) and participatory planning (12 hours) that will conclude in working groups for the conceptualization of artistic projects. We invite all those interested in taking part in the training programme to apply through the links below. Applications can be submitted until 7 May. The training programme is expected to start in June, 2021: successful candidates will be duly informed.

Links to the Open Calls:

DRIS Barcelona Open Call

DRIS Roma Open Call

DRIS Berlin Open Call

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