Within the framework of the DRIS – Co-creating intercultural societies project artists and cultural operators of the pilot projects have participated in an exchange programme designed to foster the exchange of experiences and ideas, as well as to support professional development.  The first activity was held in Rome in mid-May (click here for detailed information), the second  in Berlin (Germany) from June 27th  to 30th and the third in Barcelona (Spain) from July 8th to 9th.

In Berlin, the programme, organised by  ITZ, was structured in four different activities mainly aimed at the visitors from Barcelona and Rome. Over four days participants had the opportunity to attend a series of events such as  the play on inequality, injustice and freedom called “Hand in Hand” developed in collaboration with the Alrahallah Theater; the “Choir of all men” with songs from 7 different countries, prepared in collaboration with interkulturell aktiv e.V. and Pro Kiez e.V.; and the improv play “The Migratory Birds”  developed in collaboration with BIF e.V.. They also visited the FHXB Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum which combines aspects of the city’s history with contemporary issues related to industry, urban development, and migration history. And finally, they took part in a workshop at the Garbage Museum, in which they reflected on the personal perspectives that works of art can imply.

In Barcelona, the programme was organised by Interarts for participants from Rome and Berlin. In the context of the Summer Experience programme of a Festival in L’Hospitalet, the We Love Loud project developed in the framework of DRIS with participants from the La Florida neighborhood in collaboration with ComuartArtticcoINCAAl son de teatroTeleducaAEMA and Sidecar Espai Jove, was presented at the centre of social innovation Torre Barrina presented. They also visited the route “Story of them” created from the stories by the participants in the project, with the support of audio-guide developed using the izi Travelapp.

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